Viareggio, 1981

Works in Monsagrati Alto, (Lu) – Italy

As soon as he finished his studies, he discovered a bent for marble and started working with specialist workshops and studios where he  learnt different marble processing techniques.

While working as an artist, he gains experience as an ornamentalist and then as a mechanical welder, all this amplified by the use of
photography: all this gave him that down-to-earth approach that his artistic creations are imbued with.
In 2012, he opens his own studio in Monsagrati Alto (Lucca) where he still designs and makes his works.
His sculptures are focussed on the study of the human figure, its muscles and twists:
“The figure – he states – comes out of the stone, takes shape, reveals its identity”.
Very busy in the Apuan and Versilia regions, so much that he is considered to be one of the few young talents who are replacing the old
generation of local artists, his works are on display in many solo and collective exhibitions, such as: “Klang! Suoni contemporanei”, 2009,
a collective exhibition at Palazzo Paolina in Viareggio where he presented his sound machine “TIPO 100” to celebrate the 100th anniversary
of Futurism in Italy; “Sculture”, 2014, a solo exhibition at Galleria Open One in Pietrasanta; “Arti-Differenti espressioni contemporanee a
confronto”, 2013, a collective exhibition at Teatro dei Differenti in Barga (LU); Fiera ArtePadova, 2015, Padova; “Double Art. A cavallo
dell’anno”, 2015/2016, a collective exhibition at Magazzini del Sale in Siena where he won first prize; “Henraux Foundation Award”,
2016, winner of the third edition with the sculpture titled: Moby Dick. “Changwon Sculpture Biennale”, 2016, Premio Fondazione Henraux
sculpture’s exhibition.